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辦公室不能上MSN,卻需要類似MSN的軟體和同事溝通嗎? JLanTalk可以透過區域網路讓你/妳和同事聊天或談公事。而且支援多人聊天,討論事情更方便了!

大部分區域網路的通訊軟體使用起來都不太方便,而且和MSN的感覺差太遠,總是覺得沒有聊天的感覺。JLanTalk支援原本net send的協定,就算對方不是使用JLanTalk也可以傳送訊息。



PS. 本來是寫給自己用的。不過同事也很有興趣,功能就越寫越多。我想這個軟體應該也能帶給很多人方便,所以分享出來讓大家一起使用 :)(Chiwei Li

系統需求:Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6

[2008.09.23] 感謝作者 Chiwei Li 的分享,軟體介面看起來滿簡潔的。
[2008.09.26] 新增多國語系支援,已知有繁體中文跟英文。
[2008.10.03] 新增檔案傳送功能、匯入/匯出功能,作者公開徵求多國語系翻譯。
[2009.02.19] 感謝priwau通知改版訊息。

JLanTalk is a MSN-like application which let you talk to your friends/colleagues in the same local network.
JLanTalk uses 「net send」 compatible protocol to communicate, so even your friends don't have JLanTalk, he/she can still get your message. Of course, using JLanTalk is much easier than type 「net send」 commands.
Most important, JLanTalk is Freeware. You can use and share freely for no charge.


1. MSN-like talking interface
JLanTalk has a MSN-style user interface, let you feel more like you are talking with another rather than just sending messages.

2. Contact management
You can give your friend a more familiar nick name, rather than a laborious computer name or account.

3. 「net send」 compatible
JLanTalk is 「net send」 compatible. You can talk with them even if they don't have JLanTalk as long as they can receive 「net send」 messages.

4. Chat history
JLanTalk can record your chattings for looking back later.

5. Group chatting
JLanTalk have chatrooms to let you & your friends chatting in the same room simultaneously.

6. Emotions support
Now, you can use emotions in while you're chatting.

7. File Transfer support
You can send file to another one using JLanTalk. The only thing you need to do is drag the file into the chat panel. The receiver will see a file icon appear and he/she can click that icon to start transferring file!

8. Import/Export Contacts
When there are many contacts in your JLanTalk, you can export the contacts list for backup. You can also share this list with your friends. They can import the list and don't necessary need to input individual contact manually.

9. Multi-Language Support
Languages supported :

* English
* Chinese (Traditional)

version 0.71:
1. fix bug: Chinese Input Method with JRE 6 update 10
2. fix bug: retrieve the version of counterpart only once

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