IObit SmartDefrag 1.50 免安裝中文版

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IObit SmartDefrag–免費磁碟重組軟體,磁碟碎片是導致電腦速度變慢和不穩定的主要原因,此軟體提供了「懶人式」的自動重組功能。它擁有獨特的「安裝後自動執行」以及碎片智能診斷技術,無需任何設定和人為操作,就能夠全自動執行。採用業界最先進的 ExpressDefrag 技術,IObit SmartDefrag 碎片整理速度非常快,而且還能夠對磁碟的文件系統同時進行優化。借助領先的靜默整理技術,在後台利用電腦閒置的時間自動進行碎片整理,讓你的硬碟一直保持最高的執行效率,IObit SmartDefrag 絕對不帶任何外掛,對個人用戶,家庭及小企業用戶是完全免費的!(阿榮

[2007.06.07] 已修正安裝後會導致無法關機、重新開機的問題!
[2008.08.09] 修正自製繁體中文語系。
[2008.08.16] Beta 6.10 已修正安裝程式亂碼問題。
[2008.09.10] 1.0 正式版釋出!
[2008.10.22] 1.01 版釋出,官方已內建繁體中文語系。
[2009.07.07] 設定檔本來在安裝目錄的,現在變成寫在「C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\IObit\IObit SmartDefrag」,這樣有比較好!?請改從「Options」→「Select the language」下拉選單切換「中文」。
[2010.08.07] 感謝讀者「茶米」通知改版訊息。

The World’s Most Efficient FREE Defragmentation Software

What’s the primary cause of slow/unstable PC performance? It’s disk fragmentation. IObit SmartDefrag helps defragment your hard drive more efficiently than any other product on the market –– free or not.

Features of this powerful, award-winning defragmenter program include:

* An "Install It and Forget It" feature that works automatically and quietly in the background on your computer.
* The ability to constantly keep your hard drive safe, error-free and running at its top speed and optimum performance.
* Eliminates slow downs, freeze-ups and crashes.
* IObit SmartDegrag is 100% FREE award-winning software that’s for personal, home and small business.
* 100% safe from any spyware, adware and virus. .
* Designed for Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.
* Distribute it freely, copy it, sell it or include it as part of a package – as long as it is left completely intact and unchanged.

關鍵字:磁碟重組工具, Smart Defrag

1.50 (Aug 04, 2010)
+ Improved support for solid-state disk
* Fixed cpu usage dispaly bug in x64 system
* Fixed USB Driver removal bug


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